Meet Brent

No one has ever worked harder for me.
— Nick B., Actor


Brent Paxton has worked in the entertainment industry since 2008. His entry in the industry began working at Rave Motion Pictures as an intern where he worked his way up to the Director of Marketing where he oversaw marketing efforts in cinemas across the country.

While at Rave Motion Pictures, renamed Rave Cinemas, the company was acquired by Cinemark. At that time, Brent turned down a job at the newly merged company to return to school for his Masters in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. Brent then relocated to the Los Angeles area to work as a manager for talent in film, television and other media.

As a talent representative, Brent regularly books actors on the most watched and critically acclaimed television programs airing/streaming today. Additionally, he actively books talent on major motion pictures, music videos for big name artists and everywhere else actors are viewed on screen, both big and small. 



Brent Paxton

Owner / Manager